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Punk Globe

I have not listened to Gunpowder for a spell and was pleasantly surprised by the direction that the band has taken… That being punk rock… The last CD I heard was more country oriented.. It was good but being a dyed in the wool punk I prefer this CD… Gunpowder mainstays General Erik Core on…

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Punk Globe Interview Gunpowder II Album Review: Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview guys. Can you tell us when Gunpowder was first formed?   Erik Core: Gunpowder didn’t so much form as it evolved. The closest that I could come to a true starting point would have to be at a party Doc and I played in…

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Music Life Radio Interview with Erik Core

Erik Core hits the road as the supporting act for the White Trash Debutantes, on a whirlwind tour of the Pacific Northwest in 1996. Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction! An extremely entertaining story from the king of acoustic hardcore.